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Our main objectives are to support developing the government policy on mineral resources sector and to provide investors, customers and other interested publics with quick, convenient and customer-oriented services. We are carrying out to increase roles of mineral resources on development of national economy through the way of implementation on government policies and decisions.


Our Services

Licensing and Document Information

Our services and activities in connection with mineral licensing are:

  • Review of and decision on applications of business entities and organizations requesting  licenses; renewal of licenses;
  • Complete or partial transfer, surrender and pledge (mortgage) of a licensed area;
  • Revocation and termination of a license;
  • Procedures for solutions and responses to official letters, complaints and requests made by legal entities.


Tender Announcements

According to the Minerals Law, licenses for the following types of areas shall be granted through public tendering: expired licenses, surrendered licenses, revoked licenses, state funded survey areas. Note that tendering is currently on hold.


Online Map

Provides graphical information about licenses, administrative boundaries and areas with restrictions for licensing. Registered users (license holders) can see application and transaction areas. They can furthermore prepare application areas.

Website Launch
CMCS Online provides the following benefits for users:Possibility to identify areas free for applicationsIdentification of overlaps of application areas with areas restricted from mineral titlingRetrieval of information about tendersTracking of the...