CMCS Online

The Computerized Mining Cadastre System (CMCS) has been implemented at the Geology and Mining Cadastre Division of the Mineral Resources Authority of Mongolia (MRAM) with the objective to strengthen and improve administrative procedures and public services related to mineral titling. The CMCS has improved substantially the quality and speed of license processing, reducing discretionary actions within the cadastre office, and eliminating license overlaps with other licenses and protected areas.

Development of the CMCS was carried out by GAF AG, a German information management consulting firm with experience worldwide in the development of mining cadastre systems.

CMCS Online is the continuation of the CMCS project, disseminating comprehensive cadastre information to the public to ensure transparency (accessible through the Internet, providing investors with the possibility to identify areas free for applications and check overlaps, retrieve information about tenders, track the status of application processing) and furthermore provide access to the public administration and political decision makers outside MRAM’s Cadastre Division, supporting the decision making process e.g. of Aimag and Soum administrations.

CMCS Online is directly connected to the cadastre database (CMCS database) enabling the web site to be updated continuously with real-time information.

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CMCS Online provides the following benefits for users:Possibility to identify areas free for applicationsIdentification of overlaps of application areas with areas restricted from mineral titlingRetrieval of information about tendersTracking of the...