All applications related to the mineral license shall submit to the Government agency on the approved form and required documents. Applicant can download approved forms on below:

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Application Form
Title File Size Date
Exploration License Application Form K-01 M.docx 475.52 KB 28/05/2013
Mining License Application Form K-02 M.docx 477.34 KB 28/05/2013
К-1 / К -2 Annex: Form К-03 K-03 M.docx 472.91 KB 28/05/2013
Official Reference of the Applicant K-04 M.docx 472.93 KB 28/05/2013
Mining License Transfer Application Form K-05 M.docx 473.08 KB 28/05/2013
Exploration License Transfer Application Form K-06 M.docx 473.11 KB 28/05/2013
Confirmation of Transferee K-07 M.docx 474.86 KB 28/05/2013
License Transferor Reference Form K-08 M.docx 477.87 KB 28/05/2013
License Transferee Reference Form K-09 M.docx 476.98 KB 28/05/2013
Reference Form of transfer/surrender area K-10 M.docx 475.78 KB 28/05/2013